Adventure Life

Welcome to my website.  It’s called “Adventure Life” because I find adventure inspiring and motivating.  Adventure can be defined as a risky undertaking of unknown outcome, an exciting or unexpected event or course of events.  When I want adventure, I usually go to the mountains.  

The mountains are calling and I must go.  It’s a famous quote by John Muir, most folks have heard it.  I must go, he said.  Not “want to go”, not “would like to go”, not “I’ll get around to going”.  No.  He said, I must go.  That irresistible call of the mountains.  History is full of stories about adventures and the brave people who feel that call, that compulsion to go, and cannot resist.

I love all activities involving climbing – rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, and just plain scrambling up a mountain.  I also enjoy some interesting ways of descending – skiing and mountain biking.  Sometimes I prefer just spending quiet times in the mountains with overnight backpacking trips.  I am privileged to have retired young and be able to focus on my passion for mountain adventure instead of earning a living (more on this on my Personal Finance page).  

For me, climbing and getting out into the mountains is a journey of personal growth.  I learn a lot about who I am and I work on stuff about myself I’d like to change.  There’s nothing like a little “mountain therapy” to nourish and restore the soul.  Writing about my adventures helps me to learn more from what I’ve experienced.  It allows me to step back and frame the experience.  

This website is a way to share my experiences and my learning.  It is a tribute to the beauty of the natural world.  It is an expression of gratitude for being able to enter these glorious and sacred environments.

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